Monday, 5 September 2016

$2 Tuesday - Sour or What

A rainy day here today. I don't really like this time of year.
The smell of the air is different because the 
white stuff is coming soon.
There is still a great deal of garden work that 
needs doing before then.
Canning is a big part of the preserving season 
and putting up dills is my fav.
I like to make ours extra sour, there is no other taste like it.

With that said, I have this funny kit to help you "preserve" your
canning experiences or "conserve" those priceless
sour faces in pictures you've taken.

There are 24 (3600x3600px) papers and
80 png elements created at 300dpi.
All for $2.00

"Sour or What"

Find it in my stores:

Have a joy-joy day!
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