Tuesday, 20 December 2016

"Hugs for Josh" Update

Here we are in the holiday week.
I am happy to inform you that there has been some
progress in Josh's recovery.
My nephew now has some use of his upper abs.
We are so thankful for this early gift.
Josh still has no use of his legs and will need several months
of therapy to regain the use of them if at all.

With that in mind, the Gogol family still needs your help
to cover the medical costs they are incurring.

Purchasing this bundle not only helps them but, you also get 
a mega stash for your scrapbooking needs.
All proceeds from the sale will go to the Gogol family.

Below you will see all the items included in the bundle.
Click on each preview to have a closer look.

"Hugs for Josh"

Get this bundle right now at a discounted priced.

These 48 background papers lovingly created by CT Francis are a small way of saying thank you for purchasing the "Hugs for Josh" Bundle.

You can get them here.
(freebie expired)

My sister Kim, her husband Jim, daughter Jenna and 
son Josh are sending holiday greetings your way.

Thank you

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Hugs for Josh Bundle

Would you like to support a worthy cause?

My creative team and I have put together a fabulous bundle called:
"Hugs for Josh"

You will find wonderful embellishments, decorative borders, clusters, quickpages, cluster frames and assorted background papers. 
An, Annemarie, Francis, Karen, Linda, Lindy and I wanted to present a package of items that can be used for every day digital scrapbooking.
My sincere gratitude goes out to my hard working team who jumped on board for this worthwhile cause.

You will find full previews of all items shown
when you go to any one of my stores.

Josh Gogol is my sister Kim's son. On November 5th he was in a very serious quad (4 wheel all terrain vehicle) accident leaving him with spinal cord injuries. It is too early to tell if he will ever walk again, the doctors say he won't. We are all hoping and praying that with therapy Josh will regain the use of his legs.

Josh turned 22 years old on November 17th. He is an avid outdoorman which came naturally being raised on a farm with his sister Jenna.  Josh and his dad Jim have farmed, hunted and made sausage together. For the last few years Josh has become an aspiring photographer, he has had many of his nature shots used on calendars. Josh is also intrigued by weather, following all the storm chaser info he can find. There have been many of Josh's fascinating storm cloud pictures posted on his Facebook timeline.

We hope you like what we have for you and that you will help to support Josh and his family during their time of need.  All proceeds from the sale of this bundle will go to Josh's therapy and rehab.

If you are not a digital scrapper and would like to donate,  
there is a GoFundme account set up to help Josh and his family 
with the medical expenses he will be incurring.

As a thank you, Francis created this free package of papers that are color coordinated with the bundle. Thank you so much Francis
(freebie expired)

I thank you in advance for supporting my nephew Josh and his family. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by the Gogol family.