Wednesday, 4 October 2017

October Freebie

I would be lost without my handbag. 
There have been a few times I decided to leave it at home, 
then searched for it while I was out.
Funny how we get so used to doing something.
We ladies like to carry everything we may possibly need when we exit our homes. 
Some of you may even have a small tool kit in your purse or even a tablet with stylus. 
My Mother always carried a set of small tools in her purse, 
which included a tiny pair of pliers.

Anyway, this month I am giving this fun kit away as a thank you to all my faithful customers.

It is called:

"It's in the Bag"

The links are under the previews.

Get it any of my stores. Just create a free account to download it.

At the end of October it will gone.


Here are a few sample layouts created with this kit.


Thank you for your visit.

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