Monday, 15 May 2017

Manic Monday - Tubby Time

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere.
Doesn't matter whether the tub has children or pets in it,
soap and water gets all over the place.
I know that people love to snap pictures of baby's first bath.
Included in the bath toys is usually a rubber duckie.
No matter what young child is in the tub, 
they resist the need to get out of the suds.
This is a perfect opportunity for you have some bath time fun.

"Tubby Time"

Contains 18 background papers and 60 embellishments
all created full size at 300 dpi.

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Amazing An

Adorable Annemarie

Fabulous Francis

Kind-hearted Karen

Lovely Lindy


 Francis created a scene for you this week.
You can easily add a photo.
There is also a surprise for you in the download.


(available for one week only)

Have a joy-joy day!

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