Wednesday, 27 September 2017

New Release - "Old Time Harvest" plus a freebie

Although I no longer live on the farm, it is still in my heart.
Growing up in the country I had a freedom that let me learn 
something new about nature every day.
When I was young I didn't realize how much I would use what I learned back then.
I may not have worked in the field, but my parents, grandparents 
and great-grandparents did.
Equipment has changed dramatically since my grandparents day,
 but there still are working vintage pieces all over the world.

Every year we have a Threshman's Day where people gather 
to see how a crop was taken off the field the old way. It was quite a chore. 
The women would get together to cook the meal that would be eaten 
by the group of men harvesting. 
Each farmer would travel to their neighbor's field to help them with their harvest. 
It took days to cut the crop down and gather it into sheaves to let it cure. 
Then the big threshing machine would be brought onto the field where the sheaves would be thrown onto it one by one to get the precious kernels.

My grandmother told me stories of how she would stook 
in the field with her children in tow. 
One time she lay my mother, who was still a baby, 
down under a stack of sheaves to sleep while she gathered up the grain stalks. 
Only later to forget where she put her. 
After a bit of searching grandmother found her  still sleeping, so no harm done.
That experience sure let me know how people had to work no matter what. 
Farmers back then had no time to take a vacation but always had time 
to go to church and visit family.
This kit is my way of paying homage to the generations of the past
 that worked so hard to give us such an easy life.

"Old Time Harvest"

Contains 18 background papers and 
75 very unique embellishments
all created full size at 300dpi.

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Also available is:

"Old Time Harvest Addon"

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My first sample layout features a photo of my grandfather with his team of horses.

This second layout has photos of a barn on a nearby farm.


This time I have 18 papers as a freebie for you.
These will work wonderfully with both kits.
Get them free from my store.

(expires October 3)

Have a great day!

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