Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My Favorite Hobby Blog Train

October is here!
Where has the year gone?
Are you ready for winter or summer?
My mind is still in summer mode, I just don't want
the cold weather that is coming our way.
Since my mindset is still out in the garden,
my kit this time is about gardening.
I hope you like it.

Some inspiration for you.
Delightful Dawn

Lyrical Linda

by me

Here are the other participants

Have a joy-joy day!

Autumn Clearance Sale

Clearance Sale

Time clean house to get ready for winter.
Really like the windows bright a shiny to let 
in all the beautiful sunshine.
Another thing I want to clean is my store.
I am offering these 16 kits at 50% off
until the end of October, then they will be gone.
All related products will be removed as well.
Grab these while they are still available.
(The ad states October 1-15, I will post another ad on the 16th)

The titles are under each preview to make it easier
for you to find them in my store.
If you are having a problem I am listing them below,
just click on the title to go directly to the kit.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Manic Monday September 29

Manic Monday at Marniejo's

How are you today? Have a good weekend?
Are the leaves changing color on the trees where you live?
Raking up leaves or cleaning up the yard?
Take lots of pictures to use with today's feature kit.

The kit will be 33% off until October 5
(my kits and all freebies are for personal use only)

Now for some inspiration.

Fabulous Francis

Kind-hearted Karen

Lively Linda P.

Lyrical Linda T.

Lovely Lindy

Tender Tanya


Now for the freebies.
This week you will be taken to the creative team's sites 
for the freebies from them.
We are all in different time zones so some freebies 
may not be up yet. Please check back.

From Linda P.

From Lindy
Get this one here

From Karen
Find this quickpage here

And for the last freebie
on my Facebook Fan page here

Have a joy-joy day!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Not Dust Bunnies Collection

Another gorgeous day here.
Able to get a lot of fall clean up done.
Hope the weather is kind to you.
Before I go on, I would like to apologize
to all of you for all the download issues that arose.
I have now purchased a cloud storage service that
will ensure no further overload problems.
Gremlins in the machine or monsters under the
bed? Either one can cause problems for us.

Now to introduce the collection for today.


The kit has 40 backgrounds and 75 elements.
There are also photobook templates, quickpages
and many other extras.
All will be 33% off until October 1st.

Here are a couple of freebies for you that I made
from this monster loving kit.

Have a joy-joy day!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Manic Monday September 22

Manic Monday at Marniejo's

Last week we travelled to Africa, Canada, 
Cuba, Egypt and the Orient
This week we are off to England, France,
Mexico, New York and Spain.
Let's start our journey.

Visit England
Visit France

Visit Mexico
Visit New York
Visit Spain

                                      There are many coordinating products here and here.
The kits will be 33% off for one week.
Freebies are at the bottom.

Now for some inspiration from my team.
Visit England
Lovely Lindy
Lovely Lindy

Lyrical Linda T. 
Visit France
Kind-hearted Karen

Lyrical Linda T.

Lovely Lindy's

Visit Mexico
Lyrical Linda T.
Fabulous Francis.

Lovely Lindy.
Visit New York
Lyrical Linda T. blew me
away with this one.

Delightful Dawn

Kind-hearted Karen 

Lovely Lindy

Visit Spain
Fabulous Francis

Fabulous Francis
Lovely Lindy

Here are your freebies.

First from Karen

And these are from Lindy

Francis made these awesome quickpages.
Get these on my Facebook Fan Page

Have a joy-joy day!