Monday, 15 September 2014

Manic Monday September 15

Manic Monday at Marniejo's

Cooler weather is on the horizon, some of us are 
starting to prepare for winter.
Summer vacations are done for another year.
Do you have a stockpile of pictures from your
holidays that need scrapping or are you 
planning a winter vacation?
I have created 10 location kits. Five will be featured
this week and 5 next week.
I hope you find something in the mix that suits your needs.
Remember that these kits are 33% off for one week only.
Find the freebies at the bottom.

Visit Africa
Visit Canada

Visit Cuba
Visit Egypt
Visit the Orient

                                                                         Here are some inspiring layouts from my sensational creative team.

Visit Africa

 Fabulous Francis used his magic finger on this one.
 Kind-hearted Karen shows us the king of the jungle.
Lyrical Linda T. carried the stripes right off the page with this one.

Visit Canada

Delightful Dawn shared her flag formation photo here.
 Kind-hearted Karen got a blend on this wonderful layout.
Lyrical Linda T. showcasing the fantastic waterfalls shared with both Canada and the United States.

Visit Cuba

 The heat captured on this page by Fabulous Francis.
 A lovely walk along a Cuban resort by Kind-hearted Karen.

Some of the wonderous sights of Cuba from Lyrical Linda T.

Visit Egypt

This layout from Fabulous Francis takes my right to the pyramids.
 Camel caravans, quite the sight shared here by Kind-hearted Karen.
The iconic Bast figurines used to highlight this page by Lyrical Linda T.

Visit the Orient

Well, he did it again with his fantastic lighting effects. Fabulous Francis made this layout.
 Kind-hearted Karen just used items from the kit to create this restful page.
Great torn paper effect created by Lyrical Linda T. exposing her pictures.

I hope you have enjoyed the trip to different parts of the world. Come back next week for more adventures.
Now here are your freebies.
These quickpages were made by Francis. 
He is so talented and loves to share.

Have a joy-joy day!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Manic Monday September 8

Manic Monday at Marniejo's
The first week of September is already gone.
Children are in school, cooler weather is on it's way
and gardens need to be cleaned off.
This brings in a whole new set of things to get done.
Do you have a TO-DO list?
Onto today's feature kit.
The kit will be 33% off for one week
(freebies will only be available for one week)
Now on with the show....

Delightful Dawn got the softness down pat with this layout.

Talk about cuteness! Dawn did a fantastic job on the page below.

Fabulous Francis took this picture of my nephew and did his wonderful lighting tricks.

And this layout is gorgeous!

Kind-hearted Karen captured a soft vintage look on this page while getting a newer look with the layout below. 

Lively Linda P. has such a special way of putting photos in the right position to make her layouts stand out. The one below takes you to a dreamland.

 Lovely Lindy created a beautiful cluster to showcase her vintage family photos.
The frame cluster below sets off the photo most elegantly.

Tender Tanya achieved a very soft and elegant look on this page while showing a parent's wish in the layout below.
Lyrical Linda T. did up this simply stunning page

I hope you got some inspiration from my team's fantastic layouts.

These amazing clusters are from Tanya.

This frame and quickpage were made by Karen

Have a joy-joy day!

Monday, 1 September 2014

My Favorite Job/Career Blogtrain

This is a fun blogtrain.
We all chose something we enjoyed doing 
or wanted to do.
When I was a little girl, ballet dancers amazed me.
The way they stood on their toes had me dreaming
of dancing on the stage.
Well, needless to say, that didn't happen.
It doesn't cost anything to dream so here is my
dream career kit for you.
(only available until September 20)

Here are the rest of the participants.
We are all in different
time zones, so if someone hasn't posted yet, 
please check back.


Have a joy-joy day!

Manic Monday September 1st

Manic Monday at Marniejo's

The start of a new month. New adventures and fun
things to do as fall slowly creeps in.
Something new here this month. 
All the members of my creative team got together and each 
created a freebie for you. I have the best team going.
This may become a habit.
The featured kit today is:  Extreme Elegance
It is on sale for 33% off for a week only

(they will only be available for one week)

Fabulous Francis created these wonderful layouts. He does such terrific shadow and effects on his pages.
I just love how he got the effects on this one to look like stripes. 

 Kind-hearted Karen did up these pages, love how she got this one to look so royal.
Special sparkle for this lovely young lady
makes the layout shine.

 Lively Linda P. gave this page
a fantastic fairytale feel.

She sure has a way of putting beauty on the page, giving it special touches that only she can.

Lovely Lindy used a trick I like by having the photo sit extending the frame. Like that she used the bear, my weak spot.

This special little girl seems totally amazed by the butterflies. The photo is placed perfectly.

Lyrical Linda T. brought life to this 
paper by adding a photo with some bling.
Linda has made this for you.

Tender Tanya sure did capture 
the sweetness of the smile. 
Love all the paper pieces.
Here is something from Tanya.

Delightful Dawn did up this 
lovely family page. Super way 
to show off the children of 
this couple.

Dawn came up with this trading card for you.

And of course I did a few pages myself.

Have a joy-joy day!